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Wells Festival of Literature Poetry Competition - The Prizegiving - Winner's blog

Sunday saw the prize-giving for the 2013 writing competitions (Poetry, Short Story and Crime Novel) at the Wells Festival of Literature.

This year I had one of my poems shortlisted, and the prize-giving at the Bishop's Palace was preceded by a reading of all 27 poems that made the cut. Those writers who could make it read their own work, the rest were well represented by the Festival's own readers.

I felt blessed to be included in the shortlist from more than 400 entrants - particularly once we got to the reading, and it became apparent just what a high standard we were dealing with. I think a good half of the poets included were there, and everyone did a great job of delivering their work. I had a few family and friends with me and - truth be told - at the outset, the prospect of listening to 27 poems read aloud sounded dangerously akin to an endurance test. None of us felt that way at the end. It was a joy to be there.

By the time we'd heard all of them I just felt prou…

Two Heads part five

Five poems about birds from folktales. This is the fifth part of an ongoing collaboration project - earlier installments were completed with Ben Platts-Mills, Llyr Pierce, Yusuf Azak and Erica Viola. In this case, Ceridwen Brown made the bird-helmet.