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On the horizon under gothic black clouds, The dinosaurs war for age upon age.

In just one of many bloody skirmishes, Stegosaurus goes tooth-and-plate with a T-Rex.
They each shake their heads violently, vainly
Keeping their eyes clear of the rain for another bout.

The Tyrannosaur is horrified by the ancient-ness of the Stegosaur: Sixty million years extinct,
Yet still here in front of him,

The Heart Secretary [Teresa; May]

The Heart Secretary [Teresa; May]
for the Home Secretary, Theresa May
1. The Heart Secretary
On the wall of the Heart Office there is an embroidery
in patriotic colours, faded since 1905
to pink, cream and baby blue. It reads,
It’s a famous phrase, but broken up;
letters apart that should be together,
together that should be apart.
A few metres in front of the work, at a simple desk, sits the Heart Secretary.
She is sorting the beating organs that are her concern, hands stained red with their juices.
Here are two that cling to one another as if seeking to merge into one,
their valves and ventricles becoming inextricable.
They are symbiotic. But the Secretary
coolly assesses their monetary worth;
finds one of them, in this case, lacking -

Catwoman recital

If the sound seems awry, try my YouTube channel.

Thanks to Jamie Worsfold for his camera skills, and to the Rose and Crown for letting us in early on a Sunday morning.

Wes White 'Catwoman' from Jamie Worsfold on Vimeo.