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Family and Private Life

or: 'I Never Thought I'd Marry Theresa May' Another one about the UK coalition Government's 2012 rules dividing British Citizens from their loved ones overseas.  Learn more about the rules from BritCits.
I couldn’t have been happier, the day of our wedding.
Looking back through the photos now,
it’s hard to believe it - I was so overjoyed
I didn’t even notice
the Home Secretary there:
stood between us on the pagoda
where we said our vows,
or sat at our table
stuffing her face with cake.

Parting was hard at the airport. You
told me I’d see you sooner than I thought (you
overdid it. By the time you
stopped telling me, you
’d got me convinced I’d be seeing you
that weekend). Much harder, though,
was when I got to my place on the plane,