Mayoring Sunday

Written for the Civic Banquet and Thank You Party of the Mayor of Glastonbury, Denise Michell - Glastonbury's first Green and first Druid Mayor; June 2015

image copyright (c) Bill Nicholls
appears here cropped with colours enhanced
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I suspect it may come as a surprise to many outwith Glastonbury
That our famous town’s Mayor has not already been
a Druid Green
Who has also been known as the Fairy Queen.

With Glastonbury's reputation for alternativity
(as keen to mark Beltane as the Nativity)
What took us so long?
Our Town Hall has stood since 1818.
That's as long as London’s Old Vic, which in the intervening 190-odd years, has seen
Thirteen productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream...

But perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves
For, alongside their many magical features
Fairies are notoriously elusive creatures.

Until today, some would have thought it no more possible
To put chains on a Fairy
Than put an anchor on a cloud
Tie the shoes of a ghost
Harness a tide
Send a sunbeam down a wire,
Or fashion a plough out of stars.

And yet here we are.
Our Mayor is solid and so are her chains.
Which might serve to remind us:
Green can be fairy.
Green can be airy.
But green can be for grass,
For turf, and earth.

Well, now the long green wait is over: We'll see now what the wait was worth.

- Wes White 10th Chaired Bard of Ynys Witrin /|\


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