on the appointment of the European Robin as the National Bird of the United Kingdom; June 2015

Photograph by Tony Hisgett, reproduced under Creative Commons License 2.0

When we named you ‘red’,
We didn’t have a name
For that stain on your chest and face;
Your unashamed orange blush
That says,
“I have something to say”.

Down the centuries, we’ve made you friendly,
Here in the land of Goodfellow, And that Hood fellow.
Leaving you unharmed
In countless nods to folklore:
Sit on our garden tools.
So say it you do.
You come to us, here with the voice of the brook,

Singing phrases we will never understand.
But Robin, did you get the message?
Ruddock, Redbreast, have you heard?
Who will tell you, rubecula?
We’ve made you our National Bird.
- Wes White 10th Chaired Bard of Ynys Witrin ('Bard of Glastonbury') /|\


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