April is #napowrimo ('National' poetry writing month), an annual challenge to write a poem a day, and post each one to your blog. The dedicated website also offers optional daily prompts. I've been thinking for some time of writing a series focussed on the 26 letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet, and April having 30 days seems to fit quite well with doing this (and leaving myself room to skip some days, as I will inevitably end up doing. In fact if I only skip four I'll be doing far better than I normally do at these things, but I fancy my chances of getting to 'B', at least).

In relation to this first step on the journey, I also recommend reading Malcolm McNeill's article 'A' is for Girl. Aside from those associations, this gate where we begin is guarded by a bull. 'A' is thought to be derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph of an ox's head. So - grabbing the bull by the horns:



A crack in the cave wall – an aperture to
a view with a horizon.

A capped pyramid.
A mountain.
A man made of clay.
A scaffold,
a plough, an ox.
A ram.
A road.

Anything: a five-pointed star.
Anything: a dance in the heavens.
Anything: Aphrodite.
Anything: an acorn.
Anything: all girls’ names.

an apple
and you should
always take
an apple with you
at the beginning of
adventures, especially
a long journey or,
anyway, a journey into
the unknown.


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