Day 2 of #napowrimo. I am aiming to write something for each letter of the alphabet. You can read 'A' here.

The letter B is derived from the runic letter 'beorc' - which also meant birch tree.



Beyond the bull, you reach an ancient building. A ruined house.
Before the house, on burnt ground, stands a birch.
Beneath its branches: butterflies.
Between its boughs: birds.
Behind its bark: beetles.
Below, bright against the blackened soil, beds of borage and buddleia bushes burgeon.
Bumblebees bother its buds as it bends in the breeze,
basking in blue skies, that bless its white trunk, its green leaves.

You brought a box of questions for the tree,
but it will give but one word back. Just,


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