Day 4 of #NaPoWriMo for me; 5 for the rest of the world (I blame deadlines at work)

I am writing a poem for each letter of the alphabet. They are a sequence. You can read the first three parts here - AB and C

The letter 'D' is thought to have been derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph for a door or a fish(!)

There is a connection to the appropriate day at least - setting off to work yesterday, pondering the curious fact that the ancient glyph for a door appeared to be wider than it was tall, I passed these horizontal, antique doors:



Deciding to descend to the house, you did so; duly going down
in the direction of the derelict dwelling.
Everything about the house was past. Passed.
The doorways empty and dark. You didn’t enter; distracted
by a duo of white wooden boards, down to your right;
doubtless the dismantled doors.
Attached to the the middle of the nearest one with black-and-white
hazard tape; a sheet of paper,
duck-egg blue, displayed the following message:

c 1850’s
2020 x 806 x 32mm
2018 x 782 x 32mm

Something deep inside you determined there was something disguised by the note -
drove you to discover what was hidden.

“Do it!” it demanded.
You delicately lifted the ad, and behind it, descried
a drawing of a fish of indeterminate description -
definitely a dace. Or something different.
Despite its dullness, it dazzled you.
You dallied, dawdled, delayed,
delighted - dizzied by the doodle
till a voice from the depths declared,
“this door is the death of all that is done”
and at dawn
your attention is drawn
to a cry from the East.


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