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The Way to Zed: a psychic pilgrimage in twenty-six parts

In 2018 I undertook a fool's journey through the letters of the alphabet, writing a poem a day (more or less) for each of the 26 letters known to English speakers today. The poems were influenced by the shapes and sounds of the letters, and by the ancient symbols - the hieroglyphs and pictograms - which were their ancestors.

The sequence of poems quickly began to take on the form of a surreal quest narrative, with the mysterious letter zed at its end.

After some crossing some hurdles I finally made it to the izzard on the July 1st 2018. I am now (as of February 2019) working on a Tarot deck inspired by the poems with the artist Abigail Jones.

The rest of the sequence is now taken down for editing (and publisher-seeking), but the current (February 2019) drafts of 'A' 'B' and 'C' appear below. The ancestral symbols which are relevant here include: for A, a bull's head (I would also refer readers to Malcolm McNeill's article 'A is for Girl'); f…