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Live appearances & dates for your diary

Already over a month into being the Bard. Tempus, as ever, fugit.

Here are some things that I've been booked for or are, in any case, happening; that will involve me wearing my robes and probably saying some words to anyone who'll listen - do come if you can.

9th July - Divided Families gathering in London
The third anniversary of rules that divide thousands of British Citizens from their loved ones, or else force them to live in exile. Full details here.

11th September - Night at the Abbey There will be a Bardic stage again this year. And we're assured that organisers are aware of last year's sound problems and have taken steps to stop that happening again! Always a lovely night. Tickets here.
19th September - Library of Avalon Residency Launch
I am thrilled to be appointed as the Library of Avalon's Writer in Residence. This afternoon event will be the launch for the residency; incorporating spoken word performances, readings from the Library's shelves, and …

Aadeilop Rsst

An alphabetical repent of Eden, with a cameo appearance by a prehistoric whale. Apple bitten,
Code defied.
Eden flitten,
(Garden hide).
In justice’s keeping:
Labour, multiplication; now.
Of paradise's quarrel reaping -
Serpent’s tongue: uncertain vow.
Why cross, YHWH?

Apple bitten,
Labour now.