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The Alphabet Poems: a psychic pilgrimage to the letter Z

On April 1st this year, spurred by 'NaPoWriMo' (National/Global Poetry Writing Month) which challenges writers to produce a poem a day, I finally began my fool's journey through the letters of the alphabet, writing a poem a day (more or less) for each of the 26 letters known to English speakers today.

After some crossing some hurdles I finally made it to 'Z' on the first of July.

The rest of the sequence is now taken down for editing (and publisher-seeking), but the first drafts of 'A' 'B' and 'C' appear below; after an idea of an illustration for the letter 'A'.


A crack in the cave wall – an aperture to
a view with a horizon.
A capped pyramid. A mountain. A man made of clay. A scaffold, a plough, an ox. A ram. A road.
Anything: a five-pointed star. Anything: a dance in the heavens. Anything: Aphrodite.
Anything: an acorn. Anything: all girls’ names.
Also, an apple
and you should
always take
an apple with you at the beginning of
adventures, especially
a …


Highly commended in the Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival Poetry Prize, 2018 - click the link to read the other winning entries.

Thanks to David Reakesmith for alerting me to the contest, and Billy the Bard (Chaired Bard of Glastonbury) for representing me at the prizegiving.

The Poet's Bridge, Rotherhithe

Cross-posted from Southwark Heritage.

On Tuesday 5 December, the footbridge over Salter Road was named ‘The Poet’s Bridge’ in a short ceremony which also involved the unveiling of twi