Library of Avalon Residency - exploring the Library. Part 1.

Back in September 2015, I launched my writing residency at Library of Avalon. Part of the idea of the residency was that I would report back on what I was doing... well, we're three sessions in, so long past due for an update.

At my first session proper (after a small workshop on the launch afternoon), on 23rd September, I was taken aback by the popularity of the event. I'd pictured myself sat quietly and more or less in solitude in a corner at the Library, taking my time to explore... in fact, I had a good half a dozen other people there with me - mostly for the whole three hours.

I was coming in with what I hoped was an open mind as to the possibility of what might happen - in fact, this is the approach I try to take each session. I don't go in with anything much of a plan. I go to see what I will find. And - I found these people. So, for most of the session, we chatted, introducing ourselves to each other and casually sharing thoughts about writing. At one point, one of our group mentioned a previous occasion when she had stopped in a gallery and simply written a description of whatever she could see in front of her. This member had the same text with her and read it to us - and it was very evocative in its simplicity. So - I thought, that's perfect, if what we want to do is explore this space, let's do that. See what we can see.

These were some of the results. For the most part, these are reproduced as written in the residency session on the day. Norman, who's a regular attender already, prefers to take notes home from the residency sessions and send me worked-on versions later, as here. My own results appear last. The authors retain copyright and work is reproduced here with their permission:


Through the Courtyard
Pauline Franks
Through the courtyard, past the dragon holding the world in his claw,
guarding the entrance to a world of wonder and knowledge,
Pan sits playing his flutes to inspire.
I lift the latch of the old oak door and pass through.
I'm met with the treasure of Avalon Library
An ordinary simple clock faces me on the wall - 3 o'clock - I have an hour to explore
where do I start
I follow my heart and my eyes fall on
'The Serpent Grail'
I open it and time ceases to exist


The Library
I want to see more
I want to see how
I want to know who, and why
Amongst the wealth of books on shelves
The unimaginable number of words, phrases and paragraphs
None give me the answer
As to how, why and who
built the arch
over the fireplace


La Magia
Hugo Valveroe

La magia, que decir de la magia... Llevamos conviviendo con ella el mismo tiempo que el universo fue creado, pues asi fue... magia. La creacion del universo fue magia. El amor es magia, mi vida y la tuya son magia. La hay en las estrellas, en el sol y en la luna, nos rodea, nos envuelve, forma parte de nosotros a cada instante.

Cada encuentro es magia, cada comida es magia, el arte es la magia que fluyo un dia de la mente y el corazon de un mago o maga.

Magia la que ansiamos y magia fabricamos, con cada aliento, con cada pensamiento. Creamos con el pensamiento y el corazon, que unidos forman la magia de la realidad. Asi pues la creacion fue la magia de la diosa que un buen dia decidio creer y crear.


He visto un gato
Blanca Gomez Sanchez

He visto un gato, una piedra brillante y luminosa, he visto vida en las cosas... la primera forma en la vida y un angel en el bosque que me mira... mi espiritu y mi ser superior me guian.

Aqui rodead de libros en esta magica libreria los colores de nuestras almas se unen en esta ceremonia en armonia y sintonia, angeles que despiertan que en complicidad se miran, alrededor de el fuego la llama ilumina el juego que empieza y nunca termina.


Solitude My Greatest Friend
Norman Webley

I live in Solitude just on my own
But never do I feel quite alone,
And even in the dead of night
A quiet still presence watches over me

St. Michael and Raphael greet me
From a beautiful print on the wall,
Uriel and Gabriel hold me in thrall:
Protection, Healing, Peace and Wisdom,
Here in the Library of Avalon
I am reminded of them all

The strange thing is in times of trouble
I reach outside my silent bubble
And seek the help of a Kindly Angel,
Often for something quite mundane
A parking space in a narrow lane,
Finding lost keys to get my home,
Waiting for a Loved One to phone

Is there an Angel of Creativity?
I wonder when I've lost my muse
But when I pause to ponder,
I'm sometimes given subtle clues

I feel their silent protection
When sleeping or travelling alone,
With help in unfortunate mishaps
Maybe even in Radar Traps
When driving in a restricted zone

But Stillness is my Spiritual Food
To lift me from a falling mood
And Solitude my Greatest Friend
When my mind is still, all troubles end!


Looking at the Library 
Wes White

Between the shelves, a stone mantle.
Worn. Weathered? Worn, anyway.
Worn and worn and worn.
And stained. And cracked.
On the stone, though, a clock
- a regular circle, in regular black -
keeps regular time
turning smoothly.

From a black beam
Hangs a red drape.
Elaborate, exotic.
What is behind
The red drape?


That seems like plenty of reading for one blog post, so I'll write further updates on the later sessions asap rather than trying to cram it all in here.

The next session is tomorrow (January 6th 2016), 1.30 to 4.30pm. If you're considering joining me, you don't have to come for the whole three hours or commit to coming to any further sessions - whenever suits you is fine. Donations are welcome, and are split between myself and the Library; please give generously according to your means. Library of Avalon volunteers should consider the sessions free to them.


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